If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It
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About: Minnesotan. 20something. Aspiring Animator. RCAD class of 2017.

I have a really dorky sense of humor, I rarely wear matching socks, the mountains, ocean and forest make my heart happy, and the knowledge that I get to head bang with Jesus for eternity excites me more than food itself.

lol food

Mostly I blog things that make me laugh, Pixar and Disney, animation, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, The Legend of Korra, beautiful creation, good music - the genius of Adam Young/Owl City particularly - silly animals, and just my general appreciation of life and a good gut laugh.

It's quite nice to meet you, my name's Kaiya :)

Ephesians 2:8-9
Jeremiah 29:11

Ocean Blog: Cozy Submarine

Sup? Lol bye

Sup? Lol bye

under muscovy duck, duck, sup, lol, funny, pet, animal, his name is Tweet, :),
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